The Order in England & Wales

The Lieutenancy of England and Wales was established in 1954 and has well over 600 members.

These are grouped into eight Sections (aligned to groups of Dioceses)

  • Eastern (Dioceses of Brentwood, East Anglia & Northampton)
  • Midlands (Dioceses of Birmingham, Cardiff, Menevia, Nottingham & Wrexham)
  • Northern (Dioceses of Lancaster, Liverpool, Salford & Shrewsbury)
  • Northumbrian (Dioceses of Hallam, Hexam & Newcastle, Leeds & Middlesborough)
  • Southern (Dioceses of Arundel & Brighton & Portsmouth)
  • Southwark (Archdiocese of Southwark)
  • Western (Dioceses of Clifton & Plymouth)
  • Westminster (Archdiocese of Westminster)

At the national level, Investiture Vigil Services and Masses and Chapter Meetings are held twice a year, usually at St George's Cathedral, Southwark, while local events, based on a religious theme or occasion, are organised by Sections throughout the year.


Lieutenancy Mission Statement

Our Aim is to support by our Prayers, our Presence on Pilgrimage and our Financial Contributions, principally through the Latin Patriarch, the Christian Community in the Holy Land


Spiritual Life

Procession at Mass for Our Lady Queen of PalestineThe spiritual life of the Lieutenancy is reflected in its prayer book and in its Members' commitment to its daily Prayer, in Days of Recollection, in monthly Masses for the Church in the Holy Land and in annual celebrations of the Feast of Our Lady, Queen of Palestine.


Practical Work

The Lieutenancy is proud to play a significant part in the practical work of the Order. The major financial contribution from the Lieutenancy to the expenses of the Latin Patriarchate is made through our submission to the Order's Central Office in Rome.

In addition, regular pilgrimages to the Holy Land are organised, demonstrating our commitment to the Patriarchate and the schools, parishes and projects we support. Examples of recent projects include training courses and work experience in England for teachers of English and visiting Seminarians from the Holy Land, as well as financial contributions to a new parish church in Muqueibleh, a library and computer room at T'la a Ali, Jordan, and a science laboratory for a school in Gaza. Assistance is also given to Bethlehem University.

Some of our members play a leading role in the Cambridge Nazareth Trust, which seeks to assist school projects and pupils in the Holy Land.



Lieutenant: His Excellency Michael Byrne, KC*HS

Grand Prior: Most Rev Kevin McDonald KC*HS, Archbishop Emeritus of Southwark

Ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies: Rev Canon Richard Hearn, KCHS

Chancellor: John McNally, KC*HS

Secretary: Bernadette Cawley, DCHS

Treasurer: Graham Smith, KCHS


Lieutenants of Honour:


HE Dr David Smith KGCHS


Registered Charity

The Lieutenancy of England and Wales of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is a registered charity 262033.



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